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If hearing loss makes talking on the phone difficult, Michigan Avenue Hearing Health can show you Captioning Phone Options that will make using the phone fun again!

If chatting on the phone has become a chore due to hearing loss – cheer up. New state-of-the-art CaptionCall phones can make taking a call less frustrating. Schedule an appointment with our downtown office on Michigan Avenue to see your options for improvement with CaptionCall phones. Find out how you might even qualify to get one of these fabulous phones – for free!
If you’re hearing-impaired, talking on the telephone is no fun. Even with a landline, it can be hard to hear what the other person is saying. Many with hearing loss simply stop using the phone altogether. For some, this can cause them to feel isolated and increase the risk of depression.

What Can Be Done to Solve This Problem?

There are now many state-of-the-art phones that have special features specifically designed to help hearing-impaired individuals experience better quality phone calls. CaptionCall, a leader in advanced telephone assisted options for the hearing-impaired, have many outstanding captioning phone models, which include features such as:
- Bluetooth™ technology
- FCC encrypted captioning (including voicemail messages)7″ touch screen
- Adjustable captioned text sizes
- Customizable ringtones
- Saved volume settings
- Visual flashing ringer

In addition, CaptionCall is the first and only captioning telephone that is TIA-4953 Compliant with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for individuals with mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss. And if you choose to turn off the captions, you still have access to the phones powerful amplification.

Finally, here’s the best part. You may be eligible to receive one of these fantastic phones – for free! Yes, that’s right. If you qualify, you could receive a CaptionCall phone…free of charge…from the federal government, through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

That’s Great! How Do I Qualify?

To find out if you qualify for a free CaptionCall captioning telephone, make an appointment to meet one of our expert audiologists at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health. Our office is conveniently located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. Once you receive a full examination, we’ll be able to better determine if you qualify for the free phone.

If you do qualify, you’ll also receive free delivery and installation, free in-home training on how to use the phone, and ongoing support, seven days a week, directly from CaptionCall. What do you have to lose? Make that appointment – right now!

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