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Ignoring a hearing problem affects your health and well-being and reduces your quality of life. If you develop hearing loss, Michigan Avenue Primary Care in The Loop in Chicago, Illinois, offers the most advanced hearing aids to improve your hearing, health, and happiness. Call Michigan Avenue Hearing Health today or book an appointment online to arrange a hearing test and benefit from a sophisticated modern hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Q & A

Do I need hearing aids?

If you feel frustrated or embarrassed because you struggle to hear, it’s time for a hearing test. If your test confirms hearing loss, the next step is a hearing aid evaluation.

Hearing aids are sophisticated devices containing a tiny digital computer chip, microphone, amplifier, and receiver. Hearing aids enhance sounds from the environment by filtering them through a series of processors to provide the best possible signal.

What is a hearing aid evaluation?

A hearing aid evaluation assesses how well you can hear speech at varying volumes. It also determines what sound levels are comfortable or too loud.

A typical hearing aid evaluation begins with an in-depth assessment of your hearing needs. Your audiologist can determine which hearing aid styles you like. They also go over the features and technology available to address your hearing problems. A live demonstration helps you choose the most appropriate hearing aid.

What kinds of hearing aids are available?

Hearing aids come in various shapes, colors, and styles. They also have different kinds of technology, so you’re guaranteed to find a hearing aid that suits your needs.

Some hearing aids fit behind your ear with a speaker in your ear, while others fit entirely inside the ear. Your hearing test results, the shape of your ear, and any problems with your ears help you and your audiologist choose the best hearing aid for you. Some features of modern hearing aids include:

Rechargeable technology

The lithium-ion batteries in your hearing aid charge quickly and last all day and night.

Smartphone connection

You can discreetly control your hearing aid’s volume, tone, pitch, and other features using your smartphone. You can also link your smartphone to your hearing aids and wirelessly stream phone calls, music, and podcasts.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI features in hearing aids include fall detection, heart rate tracking, and language translation.

Environmental analysis

Hearing aids can automatically analyze background noise, wind, and other environmental information. The hearing aids then adjust the settings to help you hear better.

You can also get hearing aids with a sound generator option for relieving tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Your audiologist helps you assess these hearing aid functions to help you make an informed decision in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Call Michigan Avenue Hearing Health or Michigan Avenue Primary Care today, or book an appointment online for expert help with hearing aids.