Head & Neck

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To ensure the optimal outcome with medical conditions related to the head and neck, treatment requires extraordinary skill in diagnostics and surgery.

The team of ENT specialists and healthcare providers at Michigan Avenue ENT are experts in the management of many head and neck conditions.

If you’re experiencing a need to address any of the following, call (312) 229-9000 or schedule an appointment online today with an ENT specialist and get back on the road to recovery.

Head and neck care and treatment options, performed by an ENT specialist, available at Michigan Avenue ENT include:

Evaluation of lymph nodes

receive an assessment of your lymphatic system from an ENT specialist to identify potentially serious health concerns.

Lymph node biopsy and removal

determine the cause of lymph node enlargement and if tumors are cancerous or result from infection.

Cancer reconstruction

receive treatment to repair the damaged parts of the body and restore function or appearance.

Trauma reconstruction

restore form and function to delicate tissue resulting from trauma or physical damage.

Lipoma removal

receive an evaluation from Chicago’s top ENT specialist to determine the optimal treatment to remove your lipoma.

Sebaceous cyst removal

a physical examination and discussion of medical history is all that is required to diagnose your cyst.

Skin lesion removal / reconstruction

eradicate unsightly lumps, bumps and other discolorations and moles

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