History and Treatment

History & Philosophy of Michigan Avenue Immediate Care

Providing Quality Medical Care since 2002

Michigan Avenue Immediate Care opened in December 2002, providing care to Chicago’s community, students, employers and visitors. As a result of our quality care, reputation, and the convenient location in the Chicago’s downtown Loop neighborhood, our physicians treat a diverse population and are very knowledgeable and highly sensitive to the most common medical problems of our patients.

In summary, we assure you that every doctor, nurse and support staff associated with Michigan Avenue Immediate Care is respectful and sensitive to the needs of every patient as a “customer”.

Michigan Avenue Immediate Care physicians and staff believe that the patient is a “customer” in the true sense of the word. We strive to provide the highest quality medical care and are guided by the central question, “What is right for my patient?”.

Our guiding service philosophy:

To provide our patients with the highest level of caring, sensitivity and professionalism
To explain fees. Insurance plans are confusing. We will partner with our patients to solve coverage issues.
To invite the patient to be an active participant in the treatment plan, and whenever appropriate, provide several treatment options. We realize that every patient is different, and everyone has their own unique preferences.
To invite and to learn from constructive feedback from our patients.
To remain “blind” to ethnic or religious background, skin color, sexual orientation, disability status, and socioeconomic status.