Video Conference visits provided by Michigan Avenue Primary Care


Your Telemedicine Visit

Accommodations due to COVID-19

Due to current community concerns regarding COVID-19, Michigan Avenue Primary Care is pleased to offer a Teleconference option for any appointment that can be conducted without an in-person physical exam. Please schedule your appointment per usual, either by calling 312-994-3000 (and request a Telemedicine option), or schedule via Zocdoc and include a request for a Telemedicine option in the appointment details.
Telemedicine Visits are conducted by all Primary Care Providers
General Medical
✔ Allergies
✔ Acid Reflux
✔ Birth Control
✔ Cold / flu / sinusitis
✔ Cold Sores
✔ Digestive issues
✔ Eye Infection
✔ Gas
✔ Herpes
✔ Pink eye
✔ Poison Ivy
✔ Rash
Chronic Conditions
✔ Acne
✔ Anxiety
✔ Behavioral Health
✔ Blood pressure
✔ Depression
✔ Diabetes
✔ Hair loss
✔ High Cholesterol
✔ Prescription Refills
✔ Recurrent UTI or Vaginitis
✔ Sexual Health
✔ Thyroid
✔ standard office charges apply
visits will be billed to insurance per usual 
Conditions not appropriate for Telemedicine
✔ Emergency situations (chest pain, breathing problems)
✔ Conditions that necessitate an in-person exam or sample collection

Important Details

- any appropriate appointment can be via telemedicine
- for patients 18 and older
- patients must be physically present in Illinois
- we will bill insurance
- not appropriate for emergency situations