Birth Control Doctors in Chicago


Birth control, or contraception, allows for control over the timing of pregnancy along with the prevention of unintended pregnancy. There are many options and the providers at Michigan Avenue Primary Care can help you decide what’s right for you. Click to schedule an appointment.

Short-acting Hormonal Methods:

  • Combined birth control pill (estrogen and progesterone)
  • Progesterone-only pills
  • Vaginal ring
  • Birth control patch
  • Birth control shot

Long-acting Hormonal Methods:

  • Intrauterine contraception (IUD) — Mirena, Skyla and Kyleena
  • Implantable contraception — Nexplanon

Long-acting Non-Hormonal Methods:

  • Copper-based Intrauterine contraception — Paragard

Permanent Methods:

  • Referral to Urologist for vasectomy
  • Referral to OB/GYN for tubal ligation or Essure

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